Lucky socks

Logo Brand Design

Lucky Socks is a men's essential wear clothing company that plans to expand its business. The company requires a new logo and a unique social media presence.

My Role

• Research • Marketing Consultation • Logo Design

The Problem:
Lucky Socks is a Los Angeles based company that has been in business for over two years. With a new logo and social media style, owners hope to increase their business legitimacy and notoriety. 

The Approach:
Research Lucky Socks's competitors and their targeted consumers to understand where they stand. Create a logo identity that resembles the companies name and owners' visions of class and strength. 

The Solution:
Lucky Socks branding incorporates imagery and design aesthetics inspired by the classic art deco movement, a lucky horseshoe from a robust horse, and the traditional spirit, whiskey. The branding gives the impression that these socks can provide you with luck, the look of class, and the feel of comfort.