KC Product Family Comparison


KC Product Family Comparison is an interactive comparison tool that helps consumers identify the difference between top-selling KC lights. 

My Role

• Design Research • Prototyping • UI/UX Design


• Pen & Paper  • Figma


Users were having a hard time understanding the technical differences between KC lights which interrupted their purchasing decision.



  • Organize and display technical information in a useful way.

  • Prioritize all features and contents for both desktop and mobile versions.


  • Negative and positive buttons allow users to effortlessly understand to add or remove a product. 

  • Users can easily select choices by clearly displaying top-selling KC products.

  • Techincal information is simplified and separated into categories that users are searching for allowing them to easily read and differentiate data.

  • On mobile and small devices, only two products are allowed to be compared due to screen and content limitations.