KC Homepage Design


KC Homepage Design is a concept for KC's new website.

My Role

• Design Research • Prototyping • UI/UX Design


• Pen & Paper  • Figma

Most users were not going below the fold on the homepage. Users who were going below the fold were not interested in clicking on current sections. Most users used the search bar to find products instead of using the menu bar because most users felt overwhelmed using the product dropdown menu.



  • Include essential features above the fold while displaying KC's impactful lifestyle images.

  • Determine what sections should exist below the fold.

  • Redesign the menu bar, making it easy for the user to find products


  • The dropdown menu is redesigned by including images of products since users recognize KC's products by how they look and not so much by their name.

  • The menu also has sub-menus to help users navigate through the extensive product line.

  • A product finder feature was added above the fold to allow the user to narrow down their search.

  • Below the fold, top searched product categories were added to help users access those sections faster.

  • Product category sliders placed below the fold show products in those categories, allowing users to see right away what products exist in those categories without having them click into a category page and view the products there.

  • A social media gallery has been added bellow the homepage to inspire users and encourage them to follow KC social media accounts.