GJ Flowers L.A.

Logo Brand Design

GJ Flowers L.A. is a wholesale and events flower shop located in Los Angeles C.A. The flower shop needed a new logo that reflects their business legitimacy. 

My Role

• Research  • Marketing Consultation  • Logo Design

The Problem:
GJ Flowers L.A. was established in the Downtown Los Angeles flower district for over nine years and lacked branding for its growing business. Business owners want to increase their business legitimacy and appeal with branding that uniquely fits their flower shop.

The Approach:
Research flower shops and understand GJ Flowers L.A. consumer base. Create a logo identity that stands out from the rest of the surrounding flower shops and reflect the flower shops wholesale and events flower business.

The Solution:
GJ Flowers L.A. logo incorporates different flowers surrounding the bold orange GJ initials representing the companies flower warehouse, which is filled with a variety of vibrant flowers. The variety of flowers is design to look like confetti, just like you would see at a party or event. The G and J lower cased font has a thick width and the round edges giving the logo a bold and soft look. Variations of the logo are designed to be placed on business stamps, paper, and staff shirts.